Who uses Somleng?


For business spending too much money on cloud communications, or who want to bring their cloud commuinications infrastructure in-house, Somleng provides the necessary applications and APIs to build on.

Development Organizations

Somleng is popular with NGOs and development organizations especially in countries where the price of terminating voice calls and SMS is expensive. Read about how Somleng is being used in an early warning system in Cambodia and as part of a cash assistance programme in Somalia.


For telcos looking to provide their customers with an API to make, receive, control and monitor calls and SMS, Somleng provides an open source implementation of Twilio's REST API, in addition to other applications useful in the telecommunications industry.

Open Source Cloud Communications

All applications which make up Somleng are open source and released under the permissive MIT License, which allows you to freely use it in commercial and non-commercial contexts.


Somleng's modular design and microservice architecture, allows you to pick and choose the components you need.

Support and Hosting

Chatterbox is the Company behind Somleng. In 2016, Chatterbox was one of the first 5 companies to receive funding from the UNICEF innovation fund.

Chatterbox offers hosting, professional support and customizations for Somleng. Chatterbox is run by David Wilkie, CEO and Co-Founder (Left) and Samnang Chhun, CTO and Co-Founder (Right). Feel free to reach out to us if you have any inquiries.

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