The Somleng Project


What is The Somleng Project?

The Somleng Project is a collection of open source telephony tools which can be used to build powerful Voice and SMS applications. The goal of the project is to break down the economic and accessibility barriers to building telephony applications.

Who’s using it?

Check out the Real Time Data to see who’s currently using Somleng.

How can I use it?

Here’s how to make a phone call through Somleng. Look familiar?

$ curl -XPOST{AccountSID}/Calls.json \
    -d "Method=GET" \
    -d "Url=" \
    -d "To=%2B85512345678" \
    -d "From=%2B85512345679" \
    -u 'your_account_sid:your_auth_token'

You can also connect Somleng to existing applications such as RapidPro or connect it your own application using any of Twilio’s Open Source libraries.

Project Resources

The various open source tools that make up The Somleng Project are listed below. More detailed information about each technology can be found in the individual project repositories.

The diagram below shows how each technology is connected together. Depending on your specific needs you may choose to use all or just some of the open source tools described below.



Twilreapi is an Open Source implementation of Twilio’s REST API. You can use Twilreapi to create accounts, enqueue calls and SMS and view your dashboard.


Somleng-Adhearsion is an Adhearsion application which can handle the delivery of outbound calls and the processing of inbound calls. You can connect Somleng-Adhearsion to Twilreapi to process your outbound calls and respond to inbound calls.


Adhearsion-Twilio is an Adhearsion Plugin which talks TwiML. Adhearsion-Twilio is used in Somleng-Adhearsion in order to process TwiML returned from the client application.

Somleng FreeSWITCH Configuration

Somleng FreeSWITCH configuration is a set of FreeSWITCH configuration optimized for Adhearsion applications. It can be used to configure your FreeSWITCH installation to connect to Somleng-Adhearsion.


Somleng-RTD, (Github) is a Real Time Data (RTD) collection API for The Somleng Project. The API provides Real Time Data on various projects that use Somleng. The data includes project information, number of phone calls made, number of SMS messages sent and total cost savings.

Somleng Demo

A demo application that shows The Somleng Project in action. Coming Soon.

The Somleng Project Website

The repository for this website.

TwiML-SM (Open Institute)

TwiML-SM is a State Machine which simplifies building call flows for PHP applications. This package is being developed by the Open Institute.

RapidPro2TwiMLSM (Open Institute)

RapidPro2TwimLSM is a tool which can export call flows from RapidPro to a TwiML State Machine. This package is being developed by the Open Institute.

Who’s sponsoring The Somleng Project?

The Somleng Project is among the first 5 start-ups to received investment from the the UNICEF Innovation Fund.

What does Somleng mean?

Somleng (សំឡេង) means Voice in Khmer.